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What is good faith?

The crux of being a good employer comes right down to this principle. Good Faith. It is the foundation of good leadership, not to mention a legal requirement.  It is

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Contractor v Employee

Knowing the difference between an employee and a contractor is fundamental. If you get it wrong the implications can be very costly. Quick tips What you should know: The law

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Understanding mediation

Mediation can be a daunting process if you’ve never been, this blog gives you insight into how it works. Quick tips What you should know about mediation: It has a

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Case study – Ocean Hills

About them: Ocean Hills Detox and Rehabilitation was founded in 2019 by Elaine Atkinson. Ocean Hills provides expert clinical addiction services to help people recover from drug and alcohol dependency.

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Leave entitlements

Understand the types of leave available There are several types of leave available to staff, these are on the change and you should ensure you are providing these minimum entitlements.

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Medical Incapacity

What are the rules? People get hurt & suffer illnesses, sadly that’s part of life. Hopefully genuine cases will be given compassion and support to ensure employees early return to

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